About Tariq Elkhatib

Back In 2016, Tariq was working as a college instructor and CAT Scan Technologist at one of the largest hospitals in the Chicagoland area. He wanted more out of life and was looking for opportunities to make that happen.

One day, he had a bad experience with a bounce house rental and that led him to start his own party rental business. He started the business with two goals… 

One, to buy a house. Two, to quit his job and become his own boss.

It wasn’t easy building the business along with a full time job. Despite putting in all the time and effort, he didn’t make much progress in the first 2 years. The business also strained Tariq’s marital life. His wife asked him to quit and just focus on his full time job.

But Tariq had a ton of faith in the potential of the party rental industry. So instead of quitting, he spent several months learning everything he could about digital marketing through courses and mentorship.

After lots of trial and error, something incredible happened! He TRIPLED his business’ revenue in just 4 months! His wife once again asked him to quit… 

But this time, she asked him to quit his job rather than his business, and he’s been his own boss since 2019.

After finding success as a party rental business owner, Tariq thought he would just continue expanding his business. But something unexpected happened. He started getting requests for help from other business owners. And they were even ready to pay him! 

At first he turned them down because he had his own business to run. But he got so many requests that he decided to help a handful of business owners.

To make time for the same, he got his wife to help him with running the party rental business. 

He started with mentoring 5 people. He soon hired a team and as of today, Tariq and his team have helped over 1,500 party rental business owners through what we now call Event Hawk! 

Here are just few of the 200+ reviews Tariq and the team at Event Hawk:

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